Alternatives in the U.S. market

This is a follow-up assignment to the Adidas analysis you did for me last week.

Here is the instructions : This week’s Project is a section with a heading of “Alternatives” – you need to have at least 3 options that might resolve or be part of a solution for the problem you identified this week. Each alternative should be described in depth. The following week, you will be writing the Recommendations heading where you will select one or more of your alternatives as being “best.”


Under a main heading Alternatives, develop a list of options. Feel free to include those that maybe “far-fetched” without judging them. Note: ‘Do nothing’ is often an alternative, but will not be the chosen alternative in next week’s Recommendations section (after all, if they should “do nothing,” then there really is not a problem!). There should be multiple alternatives/options for actions to solve the problem (3-8 is typical). Evaluate the alternatives by considering if the company can afford it; whether it will evoke a response from competitors; how employees/customers/ stakeholders are likely to view the change; and how the alternative fits with organizational culture, vision, mission, and goals.

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