analyse methods and discussed strategies for approaching concept analysis.

A concept analysis is an exercise designed to help a researcher become as familiar as possible with a concept. For the purposes of nursing, a concept might be related to health, managed care, or a variety of other topics. Common concepts analyzed in nursing are things such as pain, ischemia, mobility, trust, empowerment, family support, self-management, etc. A concept analysis is the first step in communicating meanings, understandings and feelings. The concept selected to be analyzed should relate to the nursing metaparadigm.

In this unit’s readings and discussion, you and your classmates examined analysis methods and discussed strategies for approaching concept analysis. Now you will put one or more of these strategies into practice.

This assignment is intended to allow the student to show evidence of achieving desired learning outcomes (CLO #3, #4, ILO #7 & PLO #7).

To do this, read this unit’s Learning Resources, decide on a concept and provide a written concept analysis paper based on one of the methods described in the literature. Refer to the Concept Analysis: Paper Assignment Guidelines, paper template and Assignment Rubric provided.

Please find attached SAMPLE CONCEPT PAPER


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