Assignment: SWOT for a restaurant or hotel

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Read and Watch: What is a SWOT Analysis

One of the most common tools in the assessment stage is the SWOT analysis.

Many of you have done a SWOT analysis before, and may not have realized that you were using a tool that was developed for building a strategic framework. It’s strategy in action!

In those earlier classes you may have been introduced to this tool, but here we’re going to perfect it. And one of the most important steps to achieving that perfection is distinguishing between internal and external, and to recognize that you’re still in the Mise en Place stage of developing your strategy.

To help refresh your memory on what a SWOT is, please click on the image below and read the brief explanation, and watch the 3-minute video. Please pay particular attention to the distinction between internal and external factors.

Watch: Introduction the the SWOT Analysis

If after watching and reading the previous sections you still have questions on how to do a SWOT, this is an additional optional video.Learning Video web:

Now that you’ve read about SWOT analysis, and watched a video on it, it’s time to try doing one on your own.

For this assignment, I’d like you to stick with a hotel or restaurant you know, either because it’s near you or because you have worked there. If you have been doing the PESTEL analysis on hotels, do your SWOT on a hotel. If you have been using restaurants, stick with that here as well.

Use the attached form to complete your SWOT – being careful to keep internal items separate from external items. For the strengths and weaknesses, use not only what you know, but what you find when you go to at least one review site. For the opportunities and threats, start with your journal entries, but feel free to bring in other factors as long as they are EXTERNAL!

Please note that it is not necessary to have each and every box in the form completed – it’s entirely possible that an area should not be a focus for your hotel or restaurant. In fact, it’s likely that many of them will be blank. However, you should end up with approximately 6 Strengths, 6 Weaknesses, 6 Opportunities, and 6 Threats.

When you have completed the template, upload it to ulearn.

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