Briefly discuss in 250-350 words, (typed) why you believe the additional skills and services might be needed.

Scenario: Mrs. Fox, a 40-year-old wife and mother of 2, was involved in a massive motor vehicle accident (MVA) on the Sawmill Parkway in which her car struck the center divider and flipped twice. A Good Samaritan immediately dialed 911. First responders found the patient unconscious with severe injuries but were able to safely transport her to St. John’s Riverside Hospital. Upon arrival at the emergency department, Mrs. Fox was immediately triaged and the following impairments were found: blunt force trauma to the head, fractured jaw, fluid drainage from right ear, open fracture to the right leg, possible closed fracture to the right wrist/forearm, and internal bleeding to the upper right abdominal quadrant (possibly from the liver). Hospital staff was able to contact the patient’s next of kin (family) to inform them of her condition. Mrs. Fox was stabilized, imaging and tests were ordered/performed, and medically necessary surgical intervention was carried out. The patient was transferred to the ICU of the hospital as she continued to fluctuate in and out of consciousness and had difficulty breathing without the use of a respirator. Within a week, the patient fully regained consciousness, was able to breathe on her own, and was determined to be safe enough to be transferred to the general inpatient floor of the hospital. It was determined that Mrs. Fox had sustained a traumatic brain injury predominately affecting sensation and motor function to the right side of her body. She was placed on a restrictive diet and prescribed medication to treat her healing liver as well as diuretics to decrease the fluid compressing her brain. A pin was placed in the patient’s right wrist to fixate the fractured scaphoid bone. The right tibia was fixated with an intramedullary rod and pins. Neurovascular structures were repaired to the best of the surgeon’s ability; however, the prognosis of her right leg was undetermined based on the severity of damage.

Questions and Instructions:

Based on the case scenario, answer the following questions:

Good Samaritans are first responders that may perform CPR. 
True _____ False _____

First responders dispatched after 911 calls are Good Samaritans. 
True ______ False _____

Police officers, firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics are required to be certified first responders. True _____ False _____

EMT’s and Paramedics provide the most extensive pre-hospital care. They can stabilize patients and administer drugs give, IV medications and interpret EKGs. True _____ False _____

Consent for the emergency care of Mrs. Fox was considered ‘informed’ because her family was made aware of her condition. True _____ False _____

Many health care professionals/specialist were be involved in Mrs. Fox’s immediate acute care.

Name at least 4 categories.





Considering the present scenario, name at least 4 additional health care professionals/specialist (not previously listed) that may be added to the acute care team treating Mrs. Fox in the coming weeks as an in-patient.





Briefly discuss in 250-350 words, (typed) why you believe the additional skills and services might be needed.


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