Computer business help with my (Access) assignment

This is a description and I attached the files that help you to do the work, I also attached the grading rubric Using the client financial and business analysis data, do the following: Modify the columns in account and account manager tables using Design view, create a relationship that enforces referential integrity, create a Account form and insert the following values: B260 as account number, insert your account information data into the name, street, city, state, and post code fields, enter 1, 200.00 in the current due field and 27 in the account manager field. Next, insert into account manager table, create a query for the Account table to display all clients that have a current due amount > 1,000.00. Finally, using the query results, create a report include your name and date in the title of the report and totals for current due and amount paid columns.

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