Critical engagement of Schmidt

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Critical engagement of Schmidt, chapters 1-3

Find one idea, concept, point, piece of text, etc., that you found interesting (in a good way or a bad way—it could be something you agreed with or something you disagreed with) in these chapters.  Then reflect on it.  Don’t just summarize what the text says.  Think about what the concept (idea, etc.) means to you.  Why does this particular idea stand out to you?  Critically engage the point—I don’t want you to just tell me the point, summarize the point, or describe the point.  Tell me why this point or idea or passage that you chose is significant.  This requires some thinking.  Think about these kind of things: whatever it is that the author is saying, what are the consequences of accepting it as true?  What are the consequences of rejecting it?  What does this tell us about contemporary American/Christian culture?  Why is this important to know? You don’t need to address any or all of these questions, but I want you to think about why a certain part of this text would be significant. I want most of your paper to be your voice telling me the significance of some part of the text that caught your attention or made you think.  Your paper should NOT include large quotations or summary of the text.

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