Define critical thinking in your own words. How do you apply critical thinking in practice?

Have you thought much about how you think? This week, we are considering the concept of critical thinking. How we interpret and analyze information, explain and evaluate what we perceive–all of which leads to decisions and actions. Successful scholars and clinicians are open to an objective inquiry process such as the 5-step critical thinking problem solving process (Facione, 2013, pg. 25) and continually work to enhance their critical thinking skills.

Read the two articles assigned under Required Readings and Activities:

Critical thinking: What it is and why it counts (Facione, 2013); and

Barriers to clinical decision making in nursing (O’Reilly, 1993).

Post a reflection (personal observations, perceptions and thoughts–not scholarly writing assignment) on the two articles. Consider the following questions in your reflection:
•Define critical thinking in your own words. How do you apply critical thinking in practice?
•Complete the critical thinking disposition self-rating found on page 13 of the Facione article. Do you think your score is reflective of your current level of critical thinking skills and disposition?
•How do you think the RN-BSN program will enhance your critical thinking skills?
•What measures will you take to improve your critical thinking problem solving skills?
•What are some of the barriers you have experienced (or anticipate) in applying critical problem solving to clinical or academic situations?

The post does not need to be in APA format, and references are not required (unless additional sources are used/cited). Respond to at least one of your peer’s postings.

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