Defining key terms and concepts related to ethics, morality, personhood and moral accountability

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This assessment task is designed to assist students to examine a range of ethical issues and to apply ethical theories as means of arriving at a justifiable decision. Students will have the opportunity to examine international business ethics issues, specifically related to corruption, bribery and practice using ethical concepts and theories.

A detailed rubric and an audio file are available in the Assessment folder below that provide further details regarding this assessment.

Assessment Criteria

Students are to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by:

  • Defining key terms and concepts related to ethics, morality, personhood and moral accountability
  • Advancing a resolution to the ethical dilemmas using ethical theories and concepts with examples to illustrate
  • Demonstrating a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 12-16 academic sources
  • Correctly using of the APA in text referencing system to correctly citing academic sources.

These are the minimum requirements. Students should note that satisfactorily meeting the minimum requirements will typically result in the minimum pass grade being awarded.

Research Requirement:

As Masters students you are required to engage in research as per the Australia Quality Framework (AQF) guidelines. Two specific requirements need to be considered.

1. Students need to demonstrate “a body of knowledge that includes the understanding of recent developments in a discipline and/or area of professional practice, and

2. Students must demonstrate “knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to a field of work and/or learning”.

Each Masters unit has a number of required weekly readings in terms of academic texts, journals and business publications that represent the appropriate body of knowledge and recent developments referred to by the AQF. In order to demonstrate the ability to engage in appropriate research, students should read and utilise these texts and journals and publications. As Masters students you are expected to research beyond this minimum standard through additional texts, journals and studies to demonstrate an ability to engage in independent research.

Your attention is drawn to the University’s stated position on plagiarism. THE WORK OF OTHERS, WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE ATTRIBUTED TO ITS SOURCE using the APA in text referencing system (a full list of references must be submitted as part of the assessment).

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