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Business-Related News Articles

You are required to read, summarize, and prepare an analysis business-related articles from a newspaper or business periodical/journal (see due date). The articles must be current (dated within 30 days in which the document is submitted). You need to provide a copy of the article you read for this assignment. You can cut and paste it in a Word document to attached to your paper or hand it to me in class.

One page only

The format to be used is as follows:

Top of Page at Left (Single-spaced)

Student’s Name

Title of Article (Use quotation marks)

Author of Article

Name of Newspaper/Magazine/Journal

Date of Newspaper/Magazine/Journal

Summary of Article (this is typed on your paper): No more than 2 paragraphs (single-spaced). Double space between paragraphs.

Analysis of Article (this is typed on your paper): Must be comprehensive in nature and reflect the relationship to content as discussed in the course or your personal understanding or view on the topic of the article. Your analysis must be singled spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. It should not be a summary of the article.

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