Demand Supply Analysis

The way the teacher posted this is hard to understand being new to econ and online class.


Identify a product so as to do a demand and supply analysis.

Describe first one demand determinant that is currently changing and in your second reply to this discussion thread, one supply determinant that is currently changing for this product. Description involves tell a story about the determinant and explaining how its current changes is impacting demand. Then repeat this for supply.

Your conclusion to each analysis should be about the direction of the change of price and quantity from the initial equilibrium to the new equilibrium.

Students are expected to find current news articles or other recent information sources that provide real world facts that support their analysis of the demand and supply of their chosen products.

One should always be concise and direct in their messages, but students should initially provide at least 200 words of thoughtful, interesting, and worthwhile text in their first two formal replies. Concrete and specific examples are encouraged.

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