demonstrate your knowledge and insight of health policy at a “capstone level.”

Capstone Demonstration on Policies and Regulations
This week you have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and insight of health policy at a “capstone level.” Please visit one of the health care management or nursing feedback websites, and read one or more current or past regulations or policies—and with your enlightened understanding on how important it is that regulations and policies be kept “current” in the context of our rapidly changing society and health care system, post a feedback remarkontothe a site of your choice (examples below); and to earn points for this assignment, save and upload comment(s) you posted. Make sure that your comment(s) are substantive and articulately expressed. Consequently, post no fewer than 250 words and no more than 500 words of verbiage to the site. Be sure to include a title page and a reference list—if references were used to support your post.
Content: 50 points
Presentation: 10 points
Enjoy the fact that you’ve added viable input to entities where positive “change” can be considered and quite possibly implemented.
Go to:
• or

• or or
• or
• or
• or
• or feel free to visit any other website not shown above (Others are AHA, ASHE, NONP—your choice)
2. At that site, go to both: “Requests for Comments” and “Federal Register Notices” or the related tab where feedback is accepted.
3. Each student will select either a policy that is currently open for comment or one in the past that has closed. Note that the submission link for

an open comment is different than for closed policies…yet comments are welcomed at any time even if the policy comment period has closed.
4. Craft a succinct response with references on the policy issue of the student’s choice and submit as per the directions on the various tabs. Make

your comment substantive—one page of text or more.
5. Copy the Instructor on the email submission and submit it using the Assignment Link.

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