Describe what is meant by pain threshold and the factors that may influence it.

What are the major sources of revenues and expenses for the following organizations:

Ambulatory care centers?
Skilled Nursing Facilities?
Assisted Living Facilities?
Walk in Urgent Care Clinics in retail stores?

What sources could be used to evaluate the performance of people working in the following jobs? •Sales representative •TV reporter •Director of nursing in a hospital •HR Manager •Air traffic controller

Hospitals’ Operations Goals

Is your employer/ hospital in a competitive market? Market competition affects revenues. Why do you think your workplace is using more technology including nursing staffing software?

Describe what is meant by pain threshold and the factors that may influence it. Also give an example in a nursing setting or clinical setting about pain threshold with factors influencing it.Cite answers in APA citation

5-7 minute informative speech on patient care. Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your career field or professional goals…nursing. References APA and ideas on powerpoint for visual aid.

“Professional Legal Issues with Medical and Nursing Professionals”  Please respond to the following:

  • * From the scenario, analyze the different and overlapping general roles of physicians and nurses as they apply to professional credentialing and subsequent patient safety and satisfaction. Determine the major ways in which these overlapping roles may help play a part in health professional credentialing processes and conduct, and identify and analyze the ethical role these influences play in health care.
  • Analyze the major professional roles played by physicians and nurses as they apply to physicians’ conduct in the medical arena and to nurses in the role of adjuncts to physicians. Evaluate the degree and quality of care that physicians, nurses, and medical technologists provide in their primary roles, including, but not limited to, patient safety and satisfaction as required in 21st Century U.S. hospitals.

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