Discuss 3 interventions for each of the needs you have prioritized that a community health nurse could potentially attempt to improve the health of this particular population and make sure these are “doable” given budget and processes and staffing.

Dear writer: This is a copy of the papers I need written altogether. The first one, is The Windshield Survey, and is what is due by midnight today. If not possible, I still need to turn it in, even if late.  Please read personal comments below under Windshield Survey. More attachments will follow. Thank you for your help!


  • Introduction to the CH Project


Meeting the needs of a vulnerable population is consistent with stewardship principals involving care of God’s creations. It involves reaching out and caring for others within your own community. Remember…as stewards of our own bodies…in body, mind and spirit, we have a moral/faith obligation to take care of others…in body, mind and spirit!



You will become the community health nurse for an assigned vulnerable population. It is up to you to design and conduct the project in short increments throughout the semester, but the overall outcome will be an intervention to support the healthy functioning of a group of persons. You will identify the geographical boundaries of an assigned population through a windshield survey, and then investigate the needs of the vulnerable populations living in that geographical site, ultimately improving the health of the chosen vulnerable population. Each of you will design a healthcare intervention to help fill the gap in the healthcare needs of your chosen population. Your challenge is to use your nursing knowledge and expertise and networks to improve the health of others just like an upstream-thinking nurse does daily. Below is a description of each of the three formal papers due that, in totality, create your Community Health Project:

****Windshield Survey Read and Submit Here

1) Windshield Survey (helps you determine who the population/community is)

 ***My given topic is Homeless men. I wanted to focus on how a homeless men (person) could find a permanent home. Their background, the process, and then focus on the Loaves & Fishes: ‘Community First’ village. Why this Austin, TX, program works, why it’s different, the spiritual and personal aspect of finding not just a home, but a community to live among. I’m sending what I started, so you can know the type of writer I am. Although, the APA paper format was correct, the information provided, the order or subject parts, not sure exactly, was returned to do over, as a proper windshield paper. It is important for you to read the descriptions of the next 2 papers that all written separately, will ultimately be put together in APA format into one last 4th paper conclusion. I’m hoping that if this works well, I will have the same writer, help me complete the entire project. I am also attaching a other forms with directions, and an example from a classmate last year, who got an A on her paper, although there was a different instructor. The current one has a doctorate in APA, I believe! I will need all the references included in the paper, so I will also attach the sources I used, in case you use them. Lastly, unknown to the Professor, I am having a hard time with this topic because it is so very personal to me, I’ve been there, I can pick up the phone and call real people/family still there for interviews. It’s just too close and everything I write seems to personal, less factual to the professor. However, she will expect some of that flavor in the writing. I hope this helps you, in your writing of the papers! ***


The first step in stewardship of your nursing knowledge is to identify who lives within a community and what community resources there are. Conduct the windshield survey (see the windshield survey guide on blackboard, chapter 6 of your textbook, attachment 7 from this syllabus and many online examples).  Many windshield surveys are done using online reports to determine data about the population, because you cannot always geographical locate and investigate a vulnerable population. Strive to find at least 20 characteristics to examine about this particular population; some of the characteristics may only be found online, some are geographical or institutionally located.

Synthesis Paper 2 Description and SUBMIT HERE

  1. Synthesis of Literature and Interviews (helps you compare written with verbal communication about this population)


  1. Conduct interviews and observations with members of the community to ascertain what group of persons live within that geographical boundary. You are looking to identify groups of persons belonging to a certain population (some of you might be assigned already to look for a specific population) who are specifically located within that community. You might also note specific group homes or community agencies who serve a specific population and ask those agencies about the persons living there. Vulnerable groups of people can be, but are not limited to:


  1. Next, search the literature for related articles on the groups of persons in that community. Census tract data supplies a lot of facts about relevant groups, and some nursing and other literature about that area might identify other groups of vulnerable persons you should look out for. Find at least 3 outside resources that help to inform your work.


  1. Synthesize interviews and literature above into a formal paper, you may include the raw data from the windshield survey into a table or chart to help support your formal paper. If you already have an assigned population, pay close attention to how the geographical area affects or interconnects with your population. The topic of this paper should focus on who your assigned group of persons really is, who serves them, where can they be found, what else should we know about them, what other resources did you contact to help you understand this group. Don’t yet identify what needs they have, because that will come in the next paper; just concentrate on a great description of who these people are and what their lives look like. Paper should be at least 3 pages long, not including title page or appendix, and include the table holding raw data collected from the windshield survey as an appendix.

Needs Assessment Paper 3 Description and SUBMIT HERE

  1. Needs Assessment (finding gaps in caring for your population):


  1. Examine your windshield survey and synthesis of literature and interviews for needs of this population. Brainstorm as many needs as you can and then prioritize the top five needs that you will write about in this third paper.
  2. Formalize a Needs Assessment Paper summarizing the five pertinent needs from your windshield survey and synthesis papers, using evidence to support each need. Each need should take you at least one paragraph to describe and thoroughly support with citations (evidence) that come from the first two papers and literature/interviews.
  3. Discuss 3 interventions for each of the needs you have prioritized that a community health nurse could potentially attempt to improve the health of this particular population and make sure these are “doable” given budget and processes and staffing. This means, you have a total of 15 interventions possibly identified for a community health nurse to act upon for this particular population. Be creative and investigate as many options as you can. In general, interventions can be categorized as below:
  • Awareness: Healthrisk, first aid, women’s health, men’s health, oral health, back care, driving safety, stress management, elder care resources, AIDS, cancer prevention, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, smoking cessation, teen issues, child abuse and family violence.
  • Screenings: Blood pressure, total cholesterol, blood glucose, vision testing, hearing testing, stress testing, mammography,oral cancer checks, skin cancer checks, foot screenings, fitness assessments, spinal screenings, bonedensity screenings.
  • Demonstrations: Healthy Cooling, CPR, First Aid, AED training, Selfdefense, exerciseequipment demonstrations, martialarts, aerobicdancing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Upper body massage, ask the doctor/nurse sessions or booth.


  1. Now take your ideas to a nurse who serves your population studied and thoroughly discuss each of the needs and interventions you have identified with him/her. Ask for feedback. Incorporate the feedback on each intervention into your paper, make sure you give the interviewee credit (i.e. look up APA for interviews).

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