discuss The social, cultural and policy context for advanced nursing

I am a PhD Nursing student seeking your help in flowing points:
1-I need you to do for me the study protocol;
I have done my dissertation proposal (see attachment ) and I have the university study protocol exemplar( see attachment) that I need you to do the same way to my study protocol
And help me to complete my ethical form as my supervisor give me some comment ( In the document )I need you to fix it out to be sharp as he said for the committee
2- in the attachment you will find 3 questionnaires , but I need the questionnaires that I am proposing to use to have reliability and validity scores for these as demonstrated by the original authors and agreement from the authors to use them .I have an agreement for one only (The Measure of Job Satisfaction) I need the other 2 which they are( Autonomy Scale) and (Self-Efficacy Scale)
3-I need to get a view from a statistician on the sample seize in conjunction with the questionnaires to get a view of how many people make the questionnaires viable data collection instruments and also on what statistical analysis I will be able to carry out.

I am MSc Advanced Nursing student
this exercise is two part, the first part The social, cultural and policy context for advanced nursing in my country
the second part, Planning for my educational resource TPN project which is family leaflet for family who have family member diagnosis with epilepsy(seizure)
I need for you to arrange the information because I am not sure about it also work on sentences structure especially in second part and proof read and edited it and see repeating information.

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