discuss the type of information you will gain from this proposed research: correlation vs causation

This major project paper is intended to demonstrate your understanding of basic research methodology.
For this paper, you will submit a research scenario for your research question and hypothesis. Use the work you have been working on throughout this class and select the BEST method to test your hypothesis. You should have a minimum of 10 references to support your background and methodology.
Include the following sections:
The title should create a good first impression, inform the reviewer of the proposed research topic, and engage the reviewers interest.

This is a one to two paragraph summary of the background literature that culminates with the identification of the gap in the literature (the impetus for the study) and purpose statement.

A clear statement on the purpose of the study.This should appear at the end of the introduction.

List all alternate hypotheses and null hypotheses.
Operationally define and identify the Variables. Identify the variable role (Independent, Dependent, Confounding etc) and the type of variable (categorical , continuous).

One paragraph identifying the type of approach that will be used and WHY this is the best approach to test your hypothesis.

Sampling approach, participant recruitment, participant description, rational for participant population.
Method of assessment including the measurement reliability and validity.
The details on how the research will be carried out from start to finish.
Analysis of Approach
Although you do not need to include the statistics and type of analysis as this is covered in future courses, here you will discuss the type of information you will gain from this proposed research: correlation vs causation. You should also discuss the reliability and validity of the study.

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