Disseminating Results and Sustaining the Program

As a school counselor, you will be expected to demonstrate your effectiveness to many different stakeholders. For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to highlight the outcomes on academic gains from your counseling program using the evidence-based intervention you selected and described in the assignments in Unit 3 and Unit 6.

For this assignment, imagine you have successfully implemented your evidence-based intervention. It is your job to communicate the outcomes of your program to your stakeholders or advisory council (Dollarhide & Saginak, 2017, p. 196).

You will demonstrate your ability to inform your team via multiple mediums. Imagine that your group meets online and you need to incorporate images, screenshots, videos, Excel spreadsheets, documents, pre- or post-assessments, and so forth to enhance your presentation and clearly illustrate the benefits of your selected intervention.

Explain how your academic-based goal was selected based on the school wide program plan needs assessment. Use a logic model to open the discussion.

Justify the selected evidence-based intervention as a component of a

comprehensive school counseling program.

Discuss the results of the intervention and propose future actions to sustain the intervention.

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