Evaluate the role of nursing theory in patient-centered care.

Draw A Mind map Template that I can edit as I go along from October to Jan .In this course we will use mind mapping to help demonstrate connections among various concepts. The tool we use, “text 2 mindmap”, develop a mind map. Make sure that you keep concepts grouped together, indenting where appropriate to show relationships among concepts. Be very certain to SAVE the link to your mind map so that you can go back and edit it each module as your understanding of these concepts grows and evolves.

Use the following questions to guide your journaling and mind-mapping exercises for this module:

•How are the Professional Nursing Program philosophy concepts (Individual, Health, Professional Nursing, Education, and Learning) inter-related?
•Choose a nursing theory that includes one of the Nursing philosophy concepts. Describe a clinical scenario where you could apply this theory.
•Create your journal entry and include the link to your mind map.
Journal – This will focus on your impression, emotion, and lessons learned from the activity. write a one to two (1-2) paragraph reflection regarding the content covered. link to your updated mind map or a .jpg of the map.

•Compare elements of various nursing theories.
•Critically analyze nursing and non-nursing theories for their application to clinical scenarios to enhance clinical reasoning and decision making.
•Evaluate the role of nursing theory in patient-centered care.

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