Global Human Resource Management discussion – 1

Please respond to the following:

When you think of a global organization, what company would you consider? What has made this company successful on a global level? Please provide a link to the company’s website and list at least 3 countries where they operate. You must reference your work and include both in-text citations (also known as parenthetical citations) and a full reference using the APA style.

•Do not select the following popular global companies: McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Walmart and Target.

•Do not select the same company as another student. For example, if one student selects Nando’s as his/her global organization, you should select a different company.

•5 additional points will be deducted if you select the same company as another student who has already posted information about that company.

•Please type/write the global company’s official name or parent company name. For example, Target’s official name is Target Corporation and one of Coca-Cola company’s official name is The Coca-Cola Company. The best resources to find companies’ official names are the companies’ websites, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance or Hoovers.

Here are couple of examples of what has been provided thus far:

The Walt Disney Company – China, Japan, Paris

Walt Disney was a man with many talents. Not only does he have the strive to pursue his dreams but he made it happen. While working for American Ambulance Corps in World War 1 he was also looking for jobs as an artist. Eventually he found a job at Pesmen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio, where he met and befriended Ubbe Iwerks. (Beattie, 2017) Ubbe Iwerks because on of the most talented animators and the key to Walt Disney’s success. From there Walt Disney’s success took off with a few obstacles in between which lead him to owning a very successful company. He stated his own company but it eventually failed, he tried to convince his brothers to buy into his vision. The beginning of his career he produced films like Bambi, Fantasia, and Cinderella in which wasn’t successful because it was too expensive to make. After many failed attempts to create a successful company, Walt had visions to open an amusement park but it wasn’t something his company could afford during that time. Walt went on and made it happen. He took a loan out from his life insurance, and funded from a private company. From there on, Disneyland became the most iconic amusement parks in the world, with many characters that wore the brand of Walt Disney. Walt Disney became successful on a global level because of his strive to pursue his dreams of not just art but brining joy into the lives of not just children but adults as well. He took on his skills as an artist to create iconic characters that is known worldwide. He faced his struggles starting up Disneyland but he made it happen. It was his dream, although obstacles come and go, he managed to follow through with is vision. With his talent and the help of many other talented artists, Disneyland is an amazing creation by Mr. Walt Disney.

Under Armour, Inc. – Columbia, Australia, Switzerland

Kevin Plank started his company from the basement of his grandmother’s home in Washington, DC. He was fresh out of college, at the age of 23 he turned and idea born on the football field into a new industry that changed the way athletes dress forever (Under Armour Performance, 2017). He put in the work and effort by travel all over the East Coast to promote his product. His first creation was called #0037 which is a heat gear that helps the athletes keep dry and cool. His first sale to a team generated $17,000 in income. He had attracted many athletes from football players, to basketball, golf, swimmers, etc. He had also given back to the “Power of Pink Campaign” that pledges to give $10 million to the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer at John Hopkins Hospital. (Under Armour Performance, 2017 From there on, he moved up the ladder and expanded worldwide.

Apple, Inc. – Thailand, Italy, Brazil

Today electronic devices being the major resource for all, how can we not have the best electronic device’s out there to use daily? With that said, Apple, Inc. has been one of the most completive company in the world when it comes to that. When speaking competitive what makes Apple, Inc. work? And what makes them No. 1?

  1. Consistently improving products
  2. New Products
  3. High Margins
  4. Best Spokesman
  5. Luck
  6. Distribution
  7. The App Store
  8. Music and Movies
  9. Marketing
  10. Product Design (McIntyre, 2011)

With Apple, Inc. successfully updating products each time to make it better, it draws in the attention of the people. People who are tech savvy are ones that would be attractive to always having the most updated and new version of everything.

Tiffany D.


Beattie, A. (2017, July 17). Empire. Retrieved from…

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McIntyre, Douglas A. (2011, August 10). Why Apple is now No.1 company in the world. Retrieved from…

Nike Inc.

Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike was founded in 1964 and operated as a distributor for the Japanese shoemaker, Onitsuka Tiger. In 1971, it officially became Nike Inc. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded the company with just $1,200 in the bank. Nike , which is based in Oregon, USA, operates in 120 countries including China, India and Philippines. Nike became so successful for many different reasons. Associating with big names in the industry such as Michael Jordan is one reason. Jordan tennis is one of the most popular shoe which regularly sells for hundreds of dollars. Nike as also made deals with golf player Tiger woods, baseball player Derek Jeter and famous athlete Cristiano Ronaldo.


FedEX Corporation

In 1973, Federick Smith began Federal Express with 14 small aircraft and delivered 186 packages with a team of 389 members. Federal Express was the leader in air cargo deliveries. In the 1980’s, they became established with a growth rate in 40 percent annually . In fiscal year 1983, they reported $ 1 billion in revenue. Federal Express went global in 1984 providing service in Europe , Asia and Japan. In 1994, the company made a huge transition by adopting the name “FedEX” as its official brand delivering to customers more than 220 countries. FedEx became so successful because of their aggressive use of technology. There use of barcode technology has revolutionized package tracking .


Hess Corporation

Hess is a global independent energy company that is the production of crude oil and natural gas. In 1933 Founder Leon Hess purchased a 1926 second-hand 615-gallon oil delivery truck and began residential delivery in New Jersey. With the supply of demand being high and large companies now switching from coal to oil, Hess purchased five more trucks and expanded his company. In 2016, Hess headquartered in New York city placed number 394 in the 2016 list of fortune 500 corporations. The company has production operations in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Because Hess strategic focus is safety, it has been the key to delivering a successful project execution.


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