Have you ever had pre-conceived notions about an experience that affect your sensation or perception?

PSYC 1000    Paper 2.    Fall  2015 Semester

Chapter 4

Have you ever had pre-conceived notions about an experience that affect your sensation or perception? Sensations and perceptions can be influenced by our expectations.  Briefly describe a situation in which you believe that your sensation or perception was altered by your expectations.  What sensory mode was changed and in what way?  How would your sensations or perceptions of this same experience in another setting be different? Cite one of the sensory or perceptual concepts discussed in the textbook in chapter 4 that is a likely explanation for your experience.


Formatting instructions

  • turn in your paper through the Canvas website for your intro Psychology course
  • papers will be checked for plagiarism
  • 0– 1.5 page in length
  • text must be double spaced
  • typed in 12 point “Times New Roman” font
  • APA format of your textbook in the text of the paper
  • APA format reference section of book


Additional Information and Hints For Your Paper

  • Be creative with your example; don’t just adapt one presented in the book.
  • You receive credit in the grading rubric for following simple formatting instructions, and for writing clearly and correctly. These are all good professional skills!
  • For your personal experience, do more than tell your story: Show explicitly how you are applying the information to your own experience.
  • Look over the grading rubric to see how your paper will be evaluated before you write.
  • Use correct APA format to reference your textbook when describing the sensory concept.  Since this writing assignment is not a full research report, it does not require all aspects of an APA formatted paper, such as a title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, materials and methods, results or discussion sections.
  • What it will require is correct font, font size, spacing of text, correct margins, in text citation of your textbook and an APA formatted reference section including the text.

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