Home Work 2

Essay Questions:

  • Explain the benefits and disadvantages for outsourcing supply logistics operations and management to 3PLs.
  • Which logistical functions are most commonly outsourced to 3PLs and why? Give examples.
  • Explain ERP and the advantages of ERP systems. What are the benefits of ERPs in talking to other SW applications?
  • Explain how RFID tags are used to reduce shrinkage. What are the benefits and disadvantages in using RFID for monitoring the movement of supply chain management goods throughout the supply chain?
  • Discuss reverse logistics including its definition and its process flow.
  • How does reverse logistics relate to a company being socially responsible and how is reverse logistics related to service recovery?
  • What is the relationship between demand management, order management and customer service?
  • In looking at demand management explain the difference in independent demand, dependent demand and derived demand. Explain how CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are related to demand management and how can they be used in demand management?
  • Define and distinguish between possession, form, time, and place utility. Give a “real world” example for each one.
  • superior logistics service quality involves managing at least nine service related elements that pertain to either order placement or order receipt. Choose four of the nine and explain why they are important and how service quality can be negatively impacted if the related element went lacking.

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