Human Subject Protocol

Submit your draft Human Subjects Protocol form using the guidelines (attached guidelines).

Note from me: Please see protocol form, i think we should complete that form? Leave where i need to enter my personal info.

You will prepare and submit a draft Human Subjects Protocol outlining the proposed involvement of human subjects in your proposed research effort. Human subjects participation includes any activity related to your proposed research effort that involves living individuals of protected classes (i.e., minors, disabled, elderly, terminally ill, etc.) from whom you propose obtaining data or information through the use of surveys, questionnaires, interviews, polls, tests, observations, etc. that are administered directly or indirectly, individually or in group settings, or via telephone, e-mail, U.S. mail or online. Guidelines for completing the form are outlined in the attached documentation.

University requires that each student performing research under the auspices of the University, obtain formal approval for a Human Subjects Protocol outlining the extent to which human subjects will be involved in the research and the manner in which the student plans to comply with the applicable ethical and legal considerations related to the human subjects. The protocol must be approved prior to commencing any portion of the research that involves human subjects. The attached provides the prescribed format and content for the Human Subjects Protocol.

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