Identify and describe Asthma in the primary care area.

Topic: Concept Analysis of Anxiety in the Preoperative Setting
This is a Concept Analysis paper for a graduate level nursing theory class. I would like to use the Walker & Avant method of concept analysis. Use the grading rubric & an example paper provided. The concept of anxiety and it is to be applied to the preoperative setting using primary sources from the current literature. Must use APA format.


Subject: Nursing

1. Identify and describe Asthma in the primary care area. Basic Intro
2. Compare & Contrast Asthma from 2 separate organizations. You will compare and contrast American Lung Association and Mayo CLinic related to Astha
3. Explain Primary prevention practices associated with the guidelines discussed.
4. Decide how an Adult Nurse Practitioner would implement the Asthma in a primary care setting. Give an example of a patient from clinical practice that may utilize or adapted the use of the guideline or use a case study from one of the above sites.

5-7 minute informative speech on patient care. Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your career field or professional goals…nursing. References APA and ideas on powerpoint for visual aid.

Whinningham critical thinking cases in nursing, chapter 13, case study 130. Could you answer #6 question: List the stages of labor. D.H. is in what stage of labor?

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