identify the major causes of increased unprotected sex among teens

Narrative paper
please answer why or why not each project objective did or did not meet. project statement of this assignment is provided for this narrative paper.
10 project objectives

Upon completion NUR 456 Professional Practice Project, the students will be able to complete the following objectives as evidence by documentation in

discussion boards, clinical evaluations, and feedback from the preceptor, fellow students, and faculty:

1) Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences and nursing science to understand global perspectives, stimulate critical thinking, and use

current technologies

a) Identify the major causes of increased unprotected sex among teens by week 1.

2) Make sound decisions in the use of patient information and healthcare technology to design, coordinate, manage, and evaluate nursing care for

individuals, families and populations

a) Identify the consequences of unprotected sex among teenagers by week 1.

b) Create a PowerPoint presentation that describes the statistics of unprotected sex among teens and the consequences by week 7.

3) Demonstrate clinical excellence to provide caring, compassionate, and culturally appropriate patient- centered care to people in a variety of settings

a) Identify a correct technique to create awareness and inform the teens on the solutions to the rising complication brought about by unprotected sex.

4) Communicate, collaborate, and negotiate effectively to improve patient healthcare outcomes

a) Communicate, collaborate and exchange information on how to reduce the rates of STDS among the teenagers.

b) Meet with the Medical Director and other staff members to prepared the unprotected sex and STD’s teaching plan in week 2.

5) Exhibit professional values and behaviors as outlined by a professional code of ethics, professional standards, and legal statutes

a) Apply nursing code of ethics while implementing project during week 1 through 7

b) Protect patient information by applying (HIPAA) by week 1 through 7

6) Promote healthy lifestyles through health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention education for individuals and populations

a) Design a programs to reduce the number of sexual transmitted diseases among teenagers by week 4

7) Incorporate evidence-based knowledge and theory into nursing practice

a) Read three professional peer-reviewed articles on increased unprotected sex and STD prevalence among teenagers by week 5

8) Demonstrate leadership and collaboration within interdisciplinary healthcare partners and professional, political, and/or regulatory organizations to

support change in healthcare

a) Create a PowerPoint presentation and a poster teaching for nurses focusing on the lack of knowledge about safe sex on week 8

9) Allocate and manage resources to ensure patient safety and high quality healthcare

a) Examine what resources that are available to keep these teens protected from the consequences of unprotected sex by week 6.

10) Engage in life-long learning and scholarly inquiry to continue professional career Development

a) Select new articles about the update on safe sex by week 7.

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