Incident Respond Plans

You must respond to all 4 issues in your initial response. You will need to do research via the Internet to find cases fitting each category of issues.

This week we focus on cyber network crimes. Please refer to the slideshow “the reality of network crime”.

Cyber network crimes, also known as network intrusions, raise a host of legal, privacy, policy, and procedural issues for organizations connected to the Internet.

Our discussion topic for this week is incident response plans. Your assignment is as follows:

Research the Internet, or, provide commentary based upon your own professional experience, about the present state of incident response planning in corporate America.

Feel free to provide news article links, books or Journal reports, professional association, legal or other reporting on successes or failures.

A. Discuss a case where incident response plans were the subject of litigation.

B. Discuss a case where where privacy arose as a central issue in incident response.

C. Discuss a case where litigation stemmed from the lack of an incident response plan on the part of an organization.

There is a concept in law called “downstream civil liability”. This concept theorizes that one entity on the Internet could sue another for failure to defend its point of presence from a cyber attack leading to damage to another entity “downstream”.

D. Discuss a case involving downstream civil liability.

Feel free to research and contribute topics, ideas, and commentary to this week’s discussion board. Your only requirement is that you must remain on-topic, that is to say, cyber crimes broadly, and incident response specifically, If you choose not to talk about other aspects of cyber crime.

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