Investigate Edencraft boat building company and briefly describe the industry within which it operates.

Part 1. Industry Analysis (1000 words)
Part 2. Site Visit and Company Report (2500 words)

Part 1. Industry Analysis (1000 words)

Before undertaking this assignment you should ensure you have read Chapters 1 and 2 from Ward (see course references). Pay particular attention to discussion of Porter’s (1980, 1985) “Five-forces” model of industry competition and generic strategies for strategic competitive advantage.


  1. a) Investigate Edencraft boat building company and briefly describe the industry within which it operates.


  1. b) Analyse and report on the competitiveness of the industry using Porter’s five-forces model.


  1. c) Identify the current competitive strategy (low cost or differentiation) and the target market (broad or niche) that you think Edencraft boat building company is following. Give your opinion on the suitability of the firm’s choice of competitive strategy in the light of your analysis in part1 b).


Part 2. Site Visit and Company Report (2500 words)

The broad aim of this part is for you to think about what type of management accounting information (that you have studied this semester) is used or could be used to assist management decision-making in Edencraft boat building company. In considering management accounting tools/techniques/methods, you should reflect on a number of factors including how the firm is competing, the size of the business, the main activities of the business, the resources and/or the ability of managers to effectively utilise management accounting information.



  1. a) Identify, describe and document the key activities involved in producing the organisation’s main product(s) (either good(s) or a service(s)). The activities should not be limited to the physical production, but should also include those activities that straddle the extended value chain of the business.


  1. b) Describe and discuss how effectively the following aspects of management accounting are utilised at your organisation.

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