Letter to a Concerned Party Regarding the News Article

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  • Letter to a Concerned Party Regarding the News Article

Letter to a Concerned Party Regarding the News Article

1-2+ pages (more accepted) with Reference or Work Cited page, 100 Points

Due on BB by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, August 19

Based on the news article you analyzed for your memo, write a letter to a concerned party who might be affected by this problem. The party could be a company investor, a client, a tax-payer, students attending a university, etc. The audience will depend on your article/problem, and the audience will influence your tone used in the letter. Please focus on your audience.

You will discuss the issue, who is reporting the issue (author(s) of the article, article title, and news-source/publication), and how influential this source/author/article is (will this article cause your stocks to drop?). Why/how will this issue affect your reader (persuasion)? Why you need to address this issue? How you will address this issue? How you will move forward into the future?

You will probably use ideas from your memo analysis (which is fine; the point of this letter is to re-vision your memo), but please do not copy and paste items from your memo analysis into this letter. You can use headers for different sections as you did with your memo, or you can move paragraph to paragraph if you please.

Please create your own letterhead (to be discussed in class) and use business letter format (to be discussed in class). Please use business block format and 12-point Times New Roman font. Please use APA or MLA citation practices (for both in-text citations and the Reference or Work Cited page)

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