Locate and review information related to nursing theorist using the SCF Library resources

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring
NUR 3805 – Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
Nursing Theory Assignment Guidelines and Grading Rubric

1. Locate your assigned Nursing Theorist on the Nursing Theory Student Assignment list. Contact your instructor if you have any questions, or if your name is not located on the list.
2. Locate and review information related to nursing theorist using the SCF Library resources (see below).
3. Create a PowerPoint presentation according to outline and grading rubric, including speaking notes (which is the written narrative for each slide, written in the notes section). Alternatively, you may record your presentation, and upload the narrated PPT file.
4. There are two parts to this assignment: You will submit your Nursing Theory Presentation to the assignment box for faculty review, and you will share your presentation and review your peers’ presentations in the Nursing Theory Discussion.
1. The SCF Library has developed a Subject Guide specifically to support student success on this assignment.
a. Login to the SCF Library (login is your GOO#; password is the last four digits of GOO#)
b. Locate Subject Guide for Nursing: BSN
c. Locate Nursing Theory subject guide.
d. This has a wealth of resources for students and step-by-step guidance to support successful completion of the Nursing Theory assignment, including videos, e-books, journal articles and links.
e. The library team is available to help students locate and utilize the resources to develop a successful report on your assigned nursing theorist.
2. Additional online resources on nursing theories
a. Current Nursing:
b. University of San Diego:
c. Clayton State University:
3. Database searches for two peer-reviewed journal articles related to nursing theory
a. Login to the SCF Library
b. Locate Database by Subject
c. Select Subject—Health Professionals
d. Explore CINAHL Complete, Fitne Nursing (videos of nursing theorists), or others
e. Search articles using keywords of nursing theory concepts or theorist’s name.
f. Utilize filters to locate articles that are current (< 5 years), in English, and available at SCF Libraries.
4. Other resources may be found through Internet searches, such as Google Scholar. Be sure the sources are peer-reviewed and reliable—The SCF Library has a great subject guide on How to Find Scholarly Resources to guide your search!

NUR 3805: Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
Nursing Theory Assignment—Grading Rubric

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