Media message

The purpose of this assignment is to identify reasons for messages from media you attend to on daily basis. In turn, this gives us a sense of how media are used to engage us and what some of the practical effects of these interactions may be. This Discussion should reflect your own critical abilities — that is your skill in indentifying media techniques and evaluating your own (and possibly others’) responses to them.

Action Items

  1. Identify the four different reasons why most mass media messages exist. All will seek to influence you in some way. Media messages can persuade, amuse, enlighten and inform – or any combination of these.
  2. Choose TWO messages from media that you attend to every day. Note: messages are particular shows, programs, or possibly very focused online channels, that you attend to routinely.
  3. For each message: determine which of the four reasons are pertinent – or which combination you can detect. Notice if you attend to particular kinds of messages more than others. Provide your rationales.
  4. Your post shall include the following information and shall be at least 200 words in length.

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