Module 2 – Veterans Recruitment

You are a newly hired HR staffing specialist for MEGATRANSPORT, a private-sector employer in the business of making large, transport equipment mainly for the U.S. government. Your supervisor has asked you to write a 2 to 3 page news release on best practices in the recruitment of females. He also would like you to discuss the recruitment of military veterans. Tailor your discussion as much as possible to recruiting these targeted applicants to the large transport equipment industry.

Draw on your own research to identify (by name) real-life, private-sector employers who have used some of the recruitment techniques that you propose. Discuss their real-life experiences as examples in your news release.

Use at least 2 online Library sources plus any applicable background readings to help strengthen your discussion.

Add a title page and reference page to your news release when you submit your paper.

Hiring America. (2016, November 18) Why should you hire veterans? [Video file]. Retrieved from This video sets the tone for the SLP assignment.

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