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Last Will and Testament

The Unit 6 Assignment consists of two parts: Part 1 is drafting a will and part 2 is locating some information on drafting a will in your state.

Part 1:

For part 1 of this week’s Assignment, you will be writing a will. For this Assignment, you will be listening to the dictation, available via the Audio icon below, and drafting the last will and testament of George Curtis Landers. Please use the examples located in Chapter 5 of your Legal Transcription book to help you in formatting the document. Also, please pay attention to the transcription rules provided for you located at the end of Chapter 3, pages 134–135. Listen to the dictation a few times while taking notes. Pay special attention to paragraph breaks, spelling of legal terms, and proper punctuation.

Transcribe the will of George Curtis Landers, who has a wife and two sons. Center the title on three double-spaced lines. Use centered article numbers or the divisions, i.e., ARTICLE I, etc. Use the following style or page numbering: Page 1 of My Will _____.

Part 2: Research your state’s statutes on creating a will. Please share the following:

  1. Share the basic requirements for making a valid will in your state. Cite to the precedent you located for your answer.
  2. Determine whether the wills must be notarized.
  3. How many witnesses are necessary to create a valid will?
  4. Are holographic wills permitted?
  5. Be sure to cite the appropriate state code section where you found the information… this is the Audio

DISCUSSION BOARD -( This portion needs to be done on a separate word document below )

Pet Trusts

Read the following article on pet trusts and pet protection agreements and answer the following questions based on your reading:

Hirchfeld, R. Ensuring continuing care for family pets: The pet protection agreement and pet trusts. Retrieved from

  1. What is a pet trust?
  2. What is a pet protection agreement?
  3. Why does a will not work well as an estate planning tool for ensuring the continuing care of your pets?

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