North American Free Trade Agreement and Economic Integration

W4: INB 200: International Business – Economic Integration/Trade Zones: Issues and Opportunities PowerPoint

Two Parts:

Part 1: Answer the DQ question in 50 words or less; separate from the PPT.

1.This week the concept of “rice people” versus “wheat people” has been explored. In today’s globalized economy, which approach do you think would be more effective from the standpoint of national prosperity and economic growth and stability?

2.Arguments have been made for and against trade agreements such as NAFTA and economic unions such as the European Union. Should the United States seek closer economic ties with other countries and regions? What would be some of the benefits for business and what would be some of the possible negatives?

Part 2: Creating a PowerPoint

** See attached instructions for complete assignment details ** ** Including Economic integration/trade zone list **

Select one of the economic integration/trade zones discussed in this week’s readings. Research the selected zone and prepare an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation (not including the title and reference slides) in which you address the following topics:

  1. Organization of the zone
  2. Brief history of the zone
  3. Reasons behind the formation of the zone
  4. Current opportunities facing the zone
  5. Current issues facing the zone
  6. Issues you believe the zone will face in the future
  7. A brief summary of what this will mean for businesses seeking to operate in the zone

Content on the slides themselves should be limited to clear graphics and short bullet points. About 4 to 5 bullet points with short descriptions. Each slide should have complete speaker notes (about 75 words per slide) in which you expound on the bullet points and provide the language you would use to present and elaborate on the content on your slides.

Include a title slide and a reference slide. Citations on the slides should be restricted to sources of any graphics or charts which you import into your slides. All other citations should be included in the speaker notes.

Review the INB 200 Week 4 Rubric to make sure that you have met all the guidelines for how your paper will be assessed.

Format your slides using the following instructions:

  • View Microsoft PowerPoint® Basics.
  • Follow the Writing Style Handbook guidelines.

Prepare speaker notes for each slide (average 75 words per slide). To prepare your speaker notes, follow these instructions:

  • View Creating Speaker Notes.

Cite at least 3 APA scholarly sources, 2 of which are scholarly sources from the Online Library.

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