Please answer the questions with reference 1 to 2paragraph . Do refer to course book if question requires

Question 1

Identifying Pressures

It’s important to understand that change can come from many different directions at once and can cause the organization to make choices about what changes to embrace or what changes to ignore. There are risks in either choice. There are many ways to imagine change or to create a strategy that will lead to a successful change. As a manager, how do you identify the environmental pressures that drive the organization toward change? What is your strategy to influence change in the organization?

Question 2

Folks, What are the internal and external metrics that can indicate the need for change?

Question 3

Are changes in your organization done for the right reasons? How do you know what the right reasons are?

Question 4

GM and Chrysler have recently gone through a great deal of organizational change. What is the impact on all of the targets of change in those organizations?

Question 5

The reasons for change are numerous, but they all involve the need to change to survive and grow. What are some of the change related themes, issues, and strategies that you uncovered?

Question 6

Folks, some of you mention the issues associated with change. Communication definitely addresses many of these issues. Understanding your internal and external environment is also important. What about metrics? Can we discuss the importance of measuring what you are doing so that you can tell if you are being successful?

Question 7

What are some of the common change themes that you find in all of the stories? In what ways is change really the same everywhere you go?

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