Resources for Online Learners

Assignment 1: Blog: Resources for Online Learners

As you begin your journey in this graduate program, it is important to familiarize yourself with resources that can help you ensure a successful online learning experience. The Walden Writing Center, the Walden Library, and other areas of the Walden website, for example, provide a wealth of resources for students who are working professionals or are working towards a new profession. For this Blog, explore the Walden University website and other reliable sources. Identify resources that you think might help you in your online learning endeavors.

By Day 4

Access the Blog Week 2 Assignment 1: Blog:

1. Click on the Blog link.

2. Click Comment.

3. On the Blog Page, add two links to resources that focus on success in online learning. One should be a Walden University resource and one should be an academic resource not already provided in the classroom. Include a 2- to 3-sentence description of each resource you post.

4. Then, explain why you feel these might be quality resources for online learners, especially yourself.

5. Click Add to save your work.

Reminder: Be sure to support your posting with specific references to the Learning Resources and/or current literature. Use APA formatting to cite references in your posting and responses.

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