Response to discussion post in a minimum of 100 words

When responding to other postings pick a different position than the person you are engaging in the discussion.

State 2 reasons you might agree and 2 reasons you might not agree with their recommended strategies. Things regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening in the post.

Student post down below:

I am a counselor for children and adolescent at an after school program for girls and boys. Today, I have a 12 year old girl, we will call her R. Rushing, who was given away at birth to a family friend. The little girl recently found out that her mother is not her biological mother and she is adopted. She is confused and broken. She has been showing signs of many emotions including sadness and anger, aggressiveness, and confusion. She has kept her grades up so far but has been getting into altercations with other kids. She has also been very disrespectful towards her two older sister of the mother that has been raising her as well as the mother and father that has been there from birth. She was recently spending time with her biological mother and siblings and decided she no longer wanted to stay with the mother that has been raising her. Until her biological mother told her she could not live with her but was only welcome to visit occasionally. This made her feel unwanted and as if something was wrong with her. Well she is now talking with a therapist because she didn’t feel comfortable talking about how she felt with any of her known family that she has been around since birth because she didn’t want them to feel bad about how she felt at the time.



She is dressed very well, well-mannered and respectful. She seemed happy and well taking care of at this point.


As she in entering the office she speaks to everyone and has smile on her face. But she is not making eye contact with anyone and is holding her head down as she was waiting to be seen.


She seem to approach the room ready to talk and express herself. She still wasn’t making eye contact but walked in the room introduced herself and sat down.


I plan on asking R. Rushing about her day and if she knew why she was talking to me.

I began asking her “How do she feel about talking to me?’’

Using the fact that I know her situation I would allow R. Rushing to openly just talk to me about whatever is on her mind then I would proceed asking her questions about her parents and siblings. Why does she feel all these bad feelings if her family is showing her love and affection.

I plan on asking R. Rushing if she understands what is going on. How she expect her mother to feel? And how do she feel about being adopted.


She walked into the rom knowing what she was there for and interested in talking about what was going on in her life.

Thought process

She let it be clear that she feel like she doesn’t have a place because her birth mother gave her away. She also let it be known that she feels empty and sleepy a lot more now and some days she don’t want to get out of bed nor have an appetite to eat.


She seem sad once she started to talk about what was on her mind. When she was talking about school she was smiling laughing and uplifted but when we got on the subject of her family her mood changed into sadness and then became very angry and aggressive toward me when I spoke about why she felt sad when she still have a mother, father and sisters that do not make her feel like an outcast or any different about being adopted. She explained that it wasn’t the same now that she knew who her biologic mother was.


This situation is really effecting the client’s emotions and actions towards the people that care about her. Most of her action are based off her biological mother given her up and how her siblings threw it in her face that she didn’t live in the same house hold with them and only got to come over on the weekends.

Include examples of issues that would be addressed in this interview and strategies that would be used in working with this individual.

Issues faced are the client’s emotions, sleepiness, and loss of appetite. As well as her anger towards both sides of the families biologic mother and adopted mother. Her behavior at school and

Identify social and cultural factors related to the assessment and evaluation of the individuals

There isn’t a culture forced within either family the adopted mother is Christian but doesn’t force religion onto her children. Her social life is within school hours and around other family members.

How would the understanding of ethical/legal violations be beneficial to you as a counselor and why? There are many legal violations when dealing with adopted children and how they are treated, cared for, and their well-being while in custody of someone other than the biological mother. It would be evaluated and brought forward to the family that is seeking help to R. Rushing to understand the legal terms between the mother and biological mother. As well as keeping R. Rushing involved with the therapist while seeing me as her counselor so that I can pull her charts from the therapist to get a better understanding of R. Rushing to be able to treat her for depression and anxiety.

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