School and Crisis Intervention

The Term Paper: no more than 10 pages

-It should include historical and background issues as well as information on pertinent crisis intervention strategies and tactics.

-Must be type written and spell-checked.

-Spelling, punctuation, grammar, originality, and appropriate use of citations are essential.

-Creativity and innovation are encouraged in term paper development.

-Must use APA style for the bibliography section.************

-8.5 inch x 11 inch paper.

-The paper requires a “cover sheet” with a) title of the paper, b) the student’s name and the c) department’ name and d) course number.

-The paper must have five to ten primary references. (I have already provided you with 6 sources, you may add more as needed).

Suggested format:

-Abstract (a paragraph about 5 lines will be enough)

-Intro and background. (should include why the topic is chosen)

-Statistics. (can include a specific case if passable).




*I was only able to upload 5 files, so the sixth one is this: https://ac-els-cdn-com.proxy-bc.researchport.umd.e…

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