The US Court System

1. Many discussions of crime suggest that smart defendants are able to beat the rap by pleading insanity (see Ch. 14), slanting their testimony at the urging of the defense counsel (see Ch. 7), and exploiting legal loopholes such as the exclusionary rule (see Ch. 12). Given the profile of the typical criminal defendant, how realistic are these assumptions of a smart crook? Also consider the not-so-typical defendant, such as NY businessman Robert Durst. Would a highly publicized case such as that one change the way that the public views the typical defendant? Research and analyze the facts in that case and compare it to what the typical defendant might experience in the judicial system.

A minimum of 250 words and two scholarly sources.You can use our textbook for one of the two sources. No matter how many times you cite a specific source, it only counts as one reference. must be cited in APA format and referenced in APA format.

2. In 500 words or more explain the practical hardships that victims and witnesses face when participating in the criminal justice process? Describe three types of programs/initiatives designed to aid victims in coping with the criminal justice process.

3. Discuss the characteristics of the typical felony defendant. How do these characteristics differ from those of the typical courtroom work group member? What might be the consequences of these different characteristics between the defendant and work group members?

4. In what ways is the prior relationship a victim has with his/her offender important to the court process? Further, in Payne v. Tennessee (1991), the United States Supreme Court overruled stare decisis and allowed certain evidence to come in at the sentencing stage. Explain why the Court overruled precedent and the type of evidence now allowed at the sentencing state. Do researchers generally find that this type of evidence makes a difference?

a minimum of 1,200 words (total assignment) and three scholarly sources. All answers must be cited in APA format and referenced in APA format

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