unit 1 business 2

Declaring a Functional Area Focus

Now that you have had a chance to review the video Atha Corp: Presentation from the CEO and the Executive Department Management Sheet, it is time to declare the functional area in which you will focus. Along with this functional area, you are also required to address on the human resources area.

Use the Executive Department Management Sheet in conjunction with the SAW (both available in the Resources) for the functional area of your choice to complete the following:

  • Identify which of the functional areas, in addition to human resources, you will manage:
    • Sales and marketing.
    • Operations and production.
    • Accounting and finance.
  • Explain why you chose this functional area. Justify your decision and identify some of the factors that define and shape management that you intend to address; specifically, economy, customer needs and wants, and innovation.
  • What background or interest do you have in this functional area?

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