Unit 8 discussion 2

Policy and Population

America is a land of immigrants and this has made ours a rich and diverse society. At the same time, immigration creates challenges for government and public health programs. We do not live in a one-size-fits-all society and this is as true for programs serving older adults as it is for other segments of society.

Earlier in this unit, you conducted research looking for programs specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults of various ethnic, cultural, or racial backgrounds. For this discussion:

  • Post an analysis of your findings, properly cited in APA format.
  • Compare different programs or services, analyzing the differences and synthesizing your findings into an overview of what currently exists and how these programs might be improved.

Please remember, this is a discussion, but it is a scholarly discussion. As such, your posts should reflect having read and applied the course material. Your discussion posts (initial and peer response posts) should contain in-text citations and reference lists, and follow APA style and format.

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