What are common issues presented by clients seeking career counseling? 

Career Counselor Interview

You have been presented with information on a range of key elements of career counseling including the application of theory, utilization of online resources, assessment tools, ethical considerations, multicultural issues, and counseling techniques. You have also had opportunities to apply this information via case studies. At this point in the course, you will have an opportunity to build on your knowledge by interviewing a career counselor about first-hand career counseling experiences. Following the interview, write a 5-7 page paper, in essay format, which details your findings. The following questions can be used as a guide:

· What are common issues presented by clients seeking career counseling?

· What techniques do you most rely on?

· Based on your experience, what techniques would you say are ineffective?

· What theories do you incorporate when providing counseling?

· What online resources are most useful?

· What assessment tools do you regularly incorporate when providing career counseling?

· What type of resistance have you experienced from clients?

· What interventions have you developed for “special populations?”

· What tips would you offer for a new Career Counselor?

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