What are five (or more) quality sources you found in your search that appear to offer the best information on your thesis?

Instructions for Paper One

Double space all parts of the paper, including the references page(s). This double spacing rule holds for all four papers you turn in.


The length of the paper is as long as it needs to be to cover the following:


The First Part:


  1. Create a running head (left upper margin) that says Paper One and the page number (right upper margin), starting with the number 1, on each page, and continuing consecutively (1,2,3, etc.) throughout the paper. Check for the format.


  1. The title page: The title for this paper is Paper One. Below the title, identify yourself, ENGL 2020 – section number, Utah Valley University, and the date you turned it in. Space things vertically and pleasingly on the top third of the page.


  1. At the top of the next page, center the heading Personal Reflection. Under that, in 2 or so pages, write a brief personal reflection on your current writing skills. Name your strengths and weaknesses, and tell me what you plan to do in English 2020 to increase your strengths and limit or even overcome your weaknesses.


  1. Next, starting on a new page, label the next section Topic, Thesis, Search, and Sources, Then write an essay that answers the following questions in this order:


What is your topic? Go into detail. Why do you want to write on it — what’s your interest level?

What is your preliminary thesis — what position will you argue for? Keep it one sentence only. Identify this sentence by saying “My thesis statement is, . . .”.

Describe your search — Which three or more databases did you find? How and where did you find them? Why are those better than others you looked at?

What are five (or more) quality sources you found in your search that appear to offer the best information on your thesis? Explain what the source covers related to your topic and offer your opinion of its probable value.

Did you use citations to identify the author(s) and date in discussing the sources? See p. 349 in the text for assistance. Citations are parenthetical markers you place in the body of the paper to identify the source of the information, the full information on which is found in the references list at the end of the paper: (Author or Authors, date).

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