What are the characteristics of the patient or population?

The PICO concept will be established in the scholarly paper and presentation project to reflect a quality improvement perspective that you will present as a scholarly paper then converted to a group presentation.
PICO Format for Group Project Presentation
• Patient, Population or Problem
o What are the characteristics of the patient or population?
o What is the condition or disease you are interested in?
• Intervention or exposure
o What do you want to do with this patient (e.g. treat, diagnose, observe)?
• Comparison
o What is the alternative to the intervention (e.g. placebo, different drug, surgery)?
• Outcome
o What are the relevant outcomes (e.g. morbidity, death, complications)?

The scholarly paper and presentation will have references from the various levels of evidence as described in the pyramid of empirical evidence presented by your professor as posted in ANGEL

Scholarly Paper & Presentation Content Sequence to Follow

Scholarly Paper Sequence: Must be written in APA Format

Paper will include the following in Sub-Headings:

Introduction (10%): Review of the Literature:

• The Relevance of the Problem to Healthcare Delivery System when promoting Quality and Safety

Problem Statement (15%):

• Why is it Personal Area of Interest for Professional Nursing Care?
Ex: Core Measures, National Patient Safety Goals, Negative Clinical Indicators, Unit Based Problems.

• What type of data is being presented to reflect the problem in numbers for the past three months? Graphs, tables, fiscal report in numbers.

Goal(s) and Objectives of the Quality Improvement Project (25%):

The team will produce data that reflect improvement with reasonable interventions addressing the improved clinical indicators to appropriate benchmark number acceptable to regulatory practice.

Action Plan (25%):

PICO Format Problem, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome
Level Three Evaluation: Education, Validation and Simulation

Conclusion (15%):
• What was the outcome?

• Did the problem resolve and or did the Team’s project improve the situation?

• What would be the future implications for Nursing Practice and Healthcare Delivery

References (10%): From various levels of evidence:

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