What are the traits and attributes required by beginning registered nurses to meet competency standards

This assignment is about you choosing a topic from your previous small assignments that you are interested in and want to know more about. What you choose is up to you. The final assignment is about you using something from one the topics (Topics 1-5) and using it as a springboard for you to jump off from, taking it further and making it your own.
For those that have asked, you do not answer the topic question again in this assignment and you are certainly not to copy and paste work you submitted for the small assignments. That said, you may indicate in your introduction of your assignment for The final assignment that you selected a particular issue from one of the questions/topics discussed previously in the course for instance, social media and that you will discuss an aspect of this in your paper. For example, the advantages of social media for the delivery of nursing care in rural and remote settings. You are certainly able to draw upon the reference material that you used in the small assignments in of your assignment that deals with your chosen topic if you need to but you will need to show that you have read more broadly. Essentially, in this assignment you are to elaborate on a topic, show that have done further work and not have simply regurgitated what you did in the small assignments. I hope this helps clarify.

Please write about
(What are the traits and attributes required by beginning registered nurses to meet competency standards, and how would these expected competencies be demonstrated to a future employer?)

I’ve uploaded this topic

2000 words

Please write in full paragraphs without headings
Please put the page number in the intext reference
The Introduction
• Approximately 10% of the total word count.• Goes from broad to specific focus: – a general statement to establish the context – the issue / area of focus – your position (answer to the essay question) – the scope of the essay (the main ideas you will focus on).
Body Paragraphs – There are usually 4 or more body paragraphs depending on the ideas you develop. It is hoped that you will build on and develop the ideas you presented in assignment 1.

The Conclusion• A brief summary of your essay (approximately 10% of the total word count).• Restates the thesis and scope of the Essay using different words to avoid repetition. • Does not include new information/ideas [no references] • Can include a conclusive statement to show your position and thoughts in relation to the broader topic.

(15-18)references ( please put 2-3intext-references at least in each paragraph

Please use free online resources

Please use Australian sources if possible

Please follow the uploaded reference guide

Please upload soft copies of the references with highlighting the information that you used

Use plain fonts such as arial or calibri
Use font size no less than 11
Use 1.5 line spacing
Set margins at 2.5cm
Number the pages

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