What is the client’s presenting problem?


Write an integrative paper that addresses your personal theoretical orientation to counseling. Your paper should deal with aspects such as:


  • key concepts of your approach
  • view of your role as a counselor
  • therapeutic goals and how you would decide upon goals
  • relationship issues you are likely to consider
  • central techniques you are likely to employ
  • how you would address issues of cultural diversity


Address specific issues as outlined in the textbook, especially Chapters 15 and 16. This particular essay should be about 5 to 6 pages in length and you should attempt to integrate as many concepts and techniques as you can based upon two or more of the counseling models.  I suggest you take a primary theory (one that comes closest to your beliefs and your theory of choice — and then branch out showing how you would draw techniques from several others theoretical approaches.  Be sure to state why you select a particular theory as your main theory.  Show how you could bring in ideas and techniques from the various theories you have studied into your own integrative theoretical stance.

OPTION 2:    Your work with a Case


      Below is a description of a case. You are to show how you would work with the case, using an integrative perspective, if this person were your client. Select a few themes from the client’s life that you would most likely focus on and then demonstrate your style of counseling that client. You should emphasize the integration of several theoretical perspectives. Draw upon a variety of concepts and techniques as your demonstrate how you might work with several of the client’s issues. If you feel strongly that the needs of the client are met best by working from one theoretical orientation, you need to make a strong case for that decision. Decide whether you think this would be a long-term (1 year or more) or a short-term (6-12 sessions) case. Be sure to state your rational for the interventions you employ and any techniques you would use in counseling this client.  (Length:5 to 6 double-spaced pages).


Questions to Guide the organization of your paper:

  • What is the client’s presenting problem?
  • Is there anything from her family or developmental history that is relevant to the case?
  • What things might you want to know about the client to better aid you in understanding her?
  • How do you conceptualize the case from the theoretical orientation you’ve chosen?
    • What are the main themes/conflicts that warrant exploration?
    • How do you understand the relationship between the client’s presenting problem and the underlying themes?
  • What techniques would you use and why?
  • How you would address issues of cultural diversity with this client?

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