What’s the main difference between non-parametric and parametric measures?

Subject: Nursing

Topic of choice—why is it important?
Will be obesity/health wise

Goal of project- prevent obesity and prevent other health problem which cause obesity like hypertension, diabetes, and many more

Location of project – will be in elementary school for 6 weeks

target audience – kids

Implementation—what you plan to do- teaching kids about obesity healthy eating be careful about using an "obese child" as pictures like this can cause major stigma and self-esteem issues…what you want to focus on is healthy eating and activity….why it’s so important etc. and so on.

Overview of the lesson plans for each week
1. identification of health problem or risk
2. the etiological or causal statement
3. the affected aggregate or community
4. evidence or support for diagnosis.
All of those components have important role in nursing process. With a clear statement of the problem in the form of a diagnosis, the community health nurse is ready to begin the planning phase of the nursing process
Teaching strategies you plan to use

Expected outcomes of project

Evaluation method—how you will know if you achieved your outcomes

Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references)


Project description
Answer the following questions in your own words:
• Define reliability and validity; explain concurrent and predictive validity.
• Explain the difference between Type I and Type II errors.
• What’s the main difference between non-parametric and parametric measures?
• The minimum level of significance for scientific research is a p (probability) value of .05 or less. What does this mean? Give an example

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