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It is business ethics class, we got learn many methods. methods that we covered this semester: utilitarianism, Kant, libertarianism, Rawls and Catholic social teaching.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Course is required of students and configured in such a way as to fulfill several aspects of the mission statement. Please write a post explaining how the course content and what you’ve learned this semester can contribute to your own goals or desires for your future business pursuits, in the context of the school’s mission statement. You should provide at least three course-related (content) examples of what you learned and how it can be applied to your current or future work or thinking about business.

The Brennan School of Business provides ethics-centered management education for students who are either entering business professions or continuing their professional development. Our curriculum provides our students with an enduring foundation in business and leadership skills and an understanding of the best in current business practices resonant with the University’s core values of Caritas et Veritas.

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