write a scholarly paper addresssing the purpose of nursing profession and defense

College of Health Professions

Capstone scholarly paper
• The problem you are addressing
• The purpose
• The significance – why is this important? To you? To the nursing profession?
• The theoretical framework which guides your work
• Goal – What is the main outcome?
• Objectives – the specific steps which must be accomplished to reach the goal.
• Review of Literature (APA style) – include a review of the existing research on your topic and a discussion comparing this research. This needs headings for each distinct topic of importance.
Nursing Theory (s)
Cost effectiveness of LNC in the process
Expert Witness
Discovery process

• Evaluation of your project or practicum – Half a page to a page on how your Project is to be evaluated. Is your work going to evaluate it?

How? Community evaluation? What specifically will make your project a success, both to you and to others?
• Overall Summary
• References (APA style)

The paper should be a narrative and the process of what you did and how you did – it is the story that you are relaying to the reader. If it is your story, and you have chosen to write about your practicum experience, it should be written in the first person.

The capstone experience culminates in a presentation to other students and any members of the University community who choose to attend. A date and time will be determined by faculty early in the semester and communicated to students planning to graduate. Students will participate by preparing

a formal poster of their work to be presented during this Colloquium.

• As a separate piece, you will be asked to complete a Reflection of your graduate school experience – include a review of courses you have

completed and what they added (or didn’t add) to where you are now. Think about where you were when you started the program, where you are now, and

where you are going!

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