Write Paper Based on Questions


You have recently been hired as Vice President of Human Resources at Nestlé. You and your colleagues have been given one week to present analysis and recommendations.

Apply what you have learned about Global Human Resources & Inclusion to analyze Nestlé.Your paper should address the following questions:

Section: Culture & Ethics

● What is their current company culture and ethics? How can it improved?

● Is their company culture & ethics standardized or do they have a localized culture & ethics? What are the challenges and opportunities of standardizing company culture & ethics?

● What challenges have and could arise as their current company culture expands to new markets? How can this be managed?

● Explain the cultural differences in how management and leadership are viewed?

Grading will be based on the following criteria:

1. Clarity
2. Content

3. CriticalThinking / Depth of Analysis

In the paper, you must include every question. Reference must be an official data. You need to finish 2 documents (paper and outline (bullet points)) at the same time.

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