Analyze what you discovered about yourself while observing a counseling or support group

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Unit 8 Discussion 1? $15.00 Due (Monday) 8/24/2018.

Unit 8 Discussion 1

[u08d1] Unit 8 Discussion 1

Group Experience

Analyze what you discovered about yourself while observing a counseling or support group. Please focus on the following when developing your response:

· Evaluation of group processes: Identify the type of group. To what extent were you able to assess group organization, and goals.

· Application of ethics: Was confidentiality amply discussed or reiterated at the onset of the group meeting, and to what extent did the facilitator gauge the members’ understanding? Was the setting appropriate to facilitate confidentiality?

· Effective group leadership: Assess the facilitator’s style and application of group management techniques. How does this compare to your increased knowledge of clinical processes associated with group therapy? If there was a co-leader, describe your observation of roles and cohesiveness.

· Personal reflection: Using anonymous examples, describe how insight of this process might influence your theoretical perspective, facilitation style, and appreciation of group work. How does this compare to points raised in the 2016 article by Weiss and Rutan.


· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

· The Benefits of Group Therapy Observation for Therapists-in-Training.


Use the Capella Library to read the following:

· Weiss, A. C., & Rutan, J. S. (2016). The benefits of group therapy observation for therapists-in-training [PDF]. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 66(2), 246–260. 10.1080/00207284.2015.1111083

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