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At Unified papers, we guarantee you high quality papers because we have professionals specializing in different areas to handle you writing problems. We have a very rigorous process of recruiting our custom writers. The writers must apply for recruitment and show their academic credentials as well as their experience in writing. All our writers have degrees in various academic fields, most of them having master’s and PhD. degrees. At our site, we handle assignments from all academic levels, ranging from high school to PhD.

We also offer a wide range of academic papers including essay writing, coursework assignments help, term papers, annotated bibliography, argumentative essay help,  analysis essays, capstone projects, project proposals, project papers, literature review writing, thesis writing help, dissertation writing services, Book reviews, and lab reports among others. We also help you in resume writing, admission essays, and scholarship applications. All you need is to contact us and get your work done by professionals.

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Professional Term Papers
If you have tried looking for online writing services, you must have come across a lot of websites claiming to be the best. Thus, it is hard to make a decision on which one to trust. It would really irk you if you trusted a website for your tem paper only to get a poorly written paper, full of plagiarized content. We at Unified Papers, we take care of all your worries. We select the best writer to handle your term paper. Our writers conduct rigorous research to give the most appropriate content to deliver what your teacher or lecturer is testing. Furthermore, you can communicate with the writer throughout the writing process to ensure they write the way you want.
Custom case studies at first demand
Case studies are the best ways to test your understanding of your course concepts and how you can apply the in daily lives in your career field. The case studies may be real life cases or hypothetical cases. Whichever the case, we can guarantee you professional help in writing a case study. Our writers are able to evaluate the presented case, understand the concepts under test and write a compelling paper that will prove that you deserve a good grade.  Do not hesitate to order for a professional case study paper.

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies are used to provide a proof that you have conducted a rigorous research to support your argument claims. The readers can use your annotated bibliography to confirm your claims themselves. You need to provide specific information about the books, journals, or any other sources you have used. At Unified Papers, we have delivered thousands of such papers. We have writers who have mastered the art of writing annotated bibliographies. They will save you time for research and give you a compelling paper that boosts your grades


For students under Doctor of Philosophy degree program, a dissertation is one of the most important papers that will have a significant impact on your final grade. However, a dissertation needs great commitment and your time. That is because you need a thorough preparation, demanding research and time for writing the long document. It may be very difficult to write a good dissertation if you are attending to other commitments such as family, work or hobbies. You will often have limited time to complete the highly demanding paper. If you think it is going to be hectic writing your dissertation, do not hesitate. Contact us now for help. We will collaborate with you throughout the writing process so that we handle all your worries.

PowerPoint Presentations

At times, your teacher will require you to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation. PowerPoint Presentations are the best way to present your ideas before a classroom and improve student learning. That is because they provide logical and easy-to-follow materials. A good PPT paper should have a clear and attractive design combined with relevant content. We have specialists who can help you prepare a colorful PPT document that presents your ideas in the most lovable design. Our PPT writers have presented such papers to thousands of students, who always come back appreciating.

Coursework Help

Essays are used by the teachers to test your ability to communicate and share your professional information. You need to write compelling papers that requires a combination of skills such as good language flavored with conceptual vocabulary and sense of humor, good organization of ideas and a compelling conclusion of your ideas. At times, students have no ideas on what to write on their essay papers. At Unified papers, we have professionals who can suggest essay topics for you. They can also write a well-researched essay that will leave your readers nodding in approval.  Why don’t you give it a trial?


Being a nursing student and a part-time worker, writing nursing assignment papers was my worst nightmare. Sometimes, I had no idea what to write on my essays. I searched for online nursing assignment help and landed here. Wow! It has been an awesome experience. Well written and well formatted papers that have been giving me great grades. I just can’t thank you enough.
Olivia Sam
I was very skeptical when I used this service for the first time. I had only few hours to submit my essay and I had no idea what topic to write on. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a notification that my order was complete. I got good marks and I was so impressed. Long live Unified Papers!
Sarah Hervey
Your Support team is excellent. They gave me a VIP reception in the middle of night. I had only few hours to the deadline of my tem paper and I knew it could end up in a total mess. I gave out my paper and by morning, I got my paper done, to my surprise I scooped the best marks in class. It was a total bliss.
Mark Gregory
Mark Gregory

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