Business Ethics paper assignment

Please read Carefully:


  1. You are to chose 1 theory from the following: Ethics of Care, Virtue Theory, Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism.
  2. You are to pick 5 case studies from either the one’s already discussed or from the text. It’s easier if you pick from the one’s already discussed. But that’s up to you. (There are total of 12 cases, I have attached most of the case study in the file, please choose 5)
  3. Clearly and accurately, explain/summarize the theory you have chosen. This is worth 40 points.
  4. Clearly and accurately, summarize each case study (This is worth 40 points) before analyzing that case study with the theory you have chosen (This is worth 40 points).
  5. Make sure your paper is well written, grammatically correct, properly punctuated etc. In other words, make sure it isreadable. This is worth 40 points.
  6. When grading these papers, the last thing I will consider is the quality of the paper: does it reflect critical thinking skills? Does the writer carefully consider the issue? Etc. This is the final 40 point.

The system can only allow me upload 5 files, I can send you the other 4 files I have through comments once the tutor is assigned.

This is a list of all the 12 cases, the ones with the page number I do not have the files:

case 1 Hacking into Harvard

case 2 Parable Sadhu

case 3 Nestle and advertising

case 4 Challenger

case 5 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill p297

case 6 Enron

case 7 Housing Allowance

case 8 Walmart

case 9 Blood for Sale

case 10 shipbreaker of Bangladesh

case 11 Charity begins at home, Nepotism p229

case 12 Children and Targeting: Is it Ethical? p613

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